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The TCF-90 is a compact media converter that transmits RS-232 signals over optical fiber. Power is derived from either the serial port or an external power source. The TCF-90 extends RS-232 transmission up to 5 km with multi-mode fiber, or up to 40 km with single-mode fiber. A pair of TCF-90 converters can be used to connect two RS-232 devices with optical fiber in full-duplex mode. The optical fiber isolates the data signals from dangerous increases in ground potential, ground loops, and electrical EMI/RFI noise, and it enhances data security by eliminating the harmful effects of RF radiation and susceptibility to electromagnetic radiation.
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Moxa RS232 to fiber optic converter, DB9F to multi-mode ST connector (low cost) Moxa RS232 to fiber optic converter, DB9F to single-mode ST connector (low cost)